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Room-Defining Spring + Summer Decor Trends- Part 3

Current Trends 27 Jul, 2020

What Are The Unique Ideas For Spring Summer Decor?

While designers choose lively interiors with vibrant colors, these trends come as fresh, colorful decor . With vibrant kitchens, and textile that is the most well searched, no matter what the clients need, interior designers in Kochi bring the best home decor customized to their tastes. While we bid adieu to the colder, darker, winter, there is seriously so much updating to be undertaken. All of these come without burning a hole in your pocket.

Curved Shapes

For the interior design services in Kochi curved furnishing has been trending and when it comes to striking interior design trends, it includes sofas to side tables without any exception. As an antidote to the rigid and restrictive lines being popularized by minimalism, it has been a buzz as the industry recently returns to maximalism.

Look out for curved and s-shaped furnishings for an exciting décor update to channel these interior design trends. A curved style keeps your living room looking unique and modern for years to come if you’re on the market for a new sofa that’s on trend but timeless in spirit.

Geometric Patterns

The best interior designers in Kochi’s favorite is the design of the season placing importance on graphic geometric patterns and prints adding visual play that is perfect for any room in the house.

Master the look even in the smallest doses bringing design trends into your home. This can be achieved through throw pillows, a new area rug, or even painted panels along an accent wall. They never go out of style as you opt for classic color combinations which is the best part of the design trend. 

Artful Floor Coverings

Most of the interior designers when asked where it is best to consider when starting to decorate a room, the answer is instantly about how transformative and foundational flooring is. Starting from the ground up, the top interior designers in Kochi execute flooring solutions first with a much easier time decorating the entire space. The more artful and unique your flooring is, the better when it comes to design trends.

Go for unique graphic, statement-making flooring whether in bold color and pattern or something more restrained and subtle taking a cue from the top interior design trends. Either bring in an expressive rug or carpet to get the right look or even paint panels on a wooden floor, which have been highly searched recently.

Tropical Houseplants

Plants and flowers make an appearance as it probably comes as no surprise when considering the best interior design trends. As they thrive when its warmer out they instantly evoke the natural beauty of outdoors. For interior design companies in Kochi, there is nothing that beats the look and feel of freshly cut flowers in a unique vessel or vase. 

Get the top interior design ideas that stand out with plants and flowers tad less expected and all the more exotic to boot. Take into consideration oversized scales and wild texture. There are plenty of easier to care of and more manageable plants readily available in case you don’t have a natural green thumb. While helping to purify the air from any toxins and impurities it may have, plants add a sense of the organic in any room.

Mural Wallcoverings

Design trends that take a cue from nature for a comforting effect are readily brought home. Mural wall coverings boasting scenes of outdoors along with flora and fauna that are oversized are certain to never go out of style injecting idyllic harm that is sure to spark conversations.

Calling for a modern bent, the interior design trends as followed by interior designing in Kochi readily go for fresh oversized prints making an impact speaking to today’s aesthetics avoiding too country a feel. Consider a covered accent wall as a clever solution to apply print in a smaller dose while also adding depth, if a full room is covered with blooms that is too much of gamble for you since you may tire of it.  

The Final Words To Conclude The Discussion

Interior design trends for spring-summer is always looked upon as a more contemporary design style, reflecting the more comfy and cozy interior decor. Creating mood-setting interiors is a challenge that few can make and take care of it is rightly the best idea to keep the ambiance of a vibrant interior up to date. The interior design firm in Kochi adds furnishings complementing the design style which are inevitable, as much as the paints and colors used on accent walls and ceilings are. Adding to it are the flowers, and plants as well as wall hangings that help add to eye-catching interior designs. Finally, get your ideas polished with expert advice on recent trends and styles. 

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