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About Dreamliner

Hello ! We are experts in Construction Renovation & Interiors

Create the home you've always wanted

DREAMLINER specializes in dealing with residential and commercial Interiors, Renovations and Construction tasks. We are also experts in interior decoration and we supply interior decoration materials. Located in Cochin City State of Kerala, we have been working in the field for more than 8 years. Whether it is a project of home décor or you want to renovate your office, let the professionals assist you..

Our Team..

Team of professional contractors and interior designers are working dedicatedly on all projects. The staff members include architects, project managers and interior designers who have a board range of talent and experience in the industry. We fully recognize the value of each customer and hence we ensure that each project is performed according to the desires of the customers. We are committed to meet the deadlines. We have the license for performing renovation and construction for the residential and commercial buildings and work as engineers for designing and approving the plans.


With our knowledge and experience in the industry, we help our clients in working on the design and construction process. We will deliver fully functional, aesthetical and cost effective solutions to please our clients. We have been involved in many high-end turnkey projects in the India and Dubai and 85% of our clients have always referred our services and hired us again. Our services come at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for interiors, you want to redesign your living space or you are planning on constructing your dream home, let DREAMLINER be your DREAM fulfillment team…

Dreamliner provides design services for both residential and commercial projects. Undertaking projects of all sizes, our design team can assist in the redesign of a bedroom to a full sized property refurbishment. A proven track record in successfully managing interior design projects for modern and contemporary residences across South India and Dubai.

We Are Empanelled With

  • Puravankara
  • Reserve Bank Of India
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels
  • Insight Media City
  • Smart City Kochi
  • Infopark Kochi

Own Materials Division

Dreamliner offers wide range of interior decoration materials. Our own material supply division delivering interior decoration materials all over South India.
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