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How To Decorate On A Tight Budget? Make The Most Of What You Have- Part 2

24 Jul, 2020

Make The Living Room Lively

When you are working on a tight budget, plan with interior designers on considering to spend affordably on the important pieces that are sure to last a lifetime. It is important to consider prioritized spending that is channeled to areas sure to get the most bang for your buck. Investing in quality furniture saves a lot of maintenance over the years and the well-designed furniture is sure to last for years to decades. It is just the opposite of accessories and paints colors that lose the sheen after a year or two as trends come and go.

Along with the best furniture, you can discuss with interior designers Kerala about the little things in the living room that is sure to evoke a love for vintage home décor on a budget. The idea best suited is choosing the right sofa for your living room making sure it defines elegantly your space focusing on comfort and practicality as well.

Together with elegance, keep it within your budget. Make sure to deck up the living room with chairs, coffee table, wall art, and other accessories. Together with these, the rest of the personalized décor of modern home design goes well on the tight budget. 

Most of the interior designers concentrate on these items looking for the best way to buy them without walking across the budget. Apart from creating a luxury home with a bunch of decors, there are décor items that can specifically fit easily with the perfect place to display them that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Shop Second-Hand Items For A Tight Budget

Being resourceful and creative helps when decorating homes with budget ideas. Don’t stop in the middle when you shop for second-hand furniture and other décor accessories as long as they look new and the price is comparatively affordable.

With these ideas and the help of a consultant from a construction company Kerala, you can give interesting finds without spending much and of course, get to take in the thrill of the hunt. The vintage furniture built to last will last more than new furnishings. For example, an old mirror can be repainted, a sofa covered with a slipcover and modernized lighting to it into the lovely spaces. There is no substitute for quality even if you set to alter the style.

Get To Splash The Paint

With that simple and special coat of paint, any interior wall can be transformed making it feel refreshed, brighter and lighter. With the right combination of colors, carve out the design you crave for a clever take on low-cost home décor.

Even without a handyman, you can refresh the entire home to look fresh and new once again with a limited budget and working on it by yourself. Creating a variety of interesting effects and designs combined with colors using different brush techniques on a wall can bring you attractive interiors. The styles and effects you can create include ombre, stenciling, color-washing, stripes, rag rolling, contrasting colorblock, sponging off and dragging.

Say It With Wallpaper

Considering it as an investment, carefully consider it when you search for cheap home decorating ideas. They can take a long time to install and remove from the wall. Being tight on the budget, it is not wise to cover the entire wall as it might be too costly. It can be used for accent lighting highlighting a small space in the bedroom or living space to create that cozy effect helping create a room-defining conversation starter.
A few accessories to deck up

While considering the components for a cheap home decorating idea, accessories are sure to make a statement. Here’s what you should consider for your homes.

•    Mirrors: it helps add glamour to space daily. This is more than what mirrors can do, adding to the ease to source stylish, inexpensive mirror. It can catch and reflect light around the home, in turn making it look larger, brighter and more expensive.

•    Rugs: any interior design company can add to cheap home decorating ideas that can instantly transform a home and more likely the flooring. Updating your rugs and even layering them gives a rich and decadent feel that is sumptuous underfoot. 

•    High shine finishes: mirrors, high shine glossy finishes, metallic extras, and crystal help decorate the interiors while catching and reflecting light keeping the eye intrigued. 

•    Texture: it helps to go with a tonal or neutral color scheme playing with the texture, thus keeping the eye moving and being inspired by juxtapositions rich in texture and luxurious to boot.

•    Hang high curtains: high curtains add to the feel of a higher ceiling more than they are. For a casual chic effect, it would be better to languidly pool them on the floor.

•    Plenty with plants: adding to its duty to purify the air around them, they are not only beautiful but bring in color and texture. Even if you have a green thumb or not, they are the best and cheap home decorating ideas with several kinds that go easy on care and maintenance.

•    Art and sculptures: art and sculptures add to the personality of the room, without which any home would be incomplete. Get those unframed prints framed rather than collect it to go to the waste.

Concluding words

Redesigning the home with a little budget comes easy with the help of builders in Kochi, and a little bit of creativity from your side. The tips mentioned above are good enough to give you a start for decorating the interiors of your home. Get ready for that dream home made into reality.


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