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Make A Statement With These Mesmerizing Living Room Wallpaper Ideas - Part 2 

Wallpaper Ideas 24 Jul, 2020

Transforming Your Living Room To Make Your Dream Come True

Continuing from the previous post, wallpapers bring life to living rooms and give the room a personality and joy that only they can impart. With a wallpaper living rooms get a warm and cozy environment for family and friends according to interior designers in Kochi. With a variety of living room ideas available, a variety of price points, the right kind of wallpaper chosen can eventually become an investment for a lifetime. 

Wallpapers are sure to give you both a traditional feel as well as a modern feel. Whether it is a feature wall or a living room wallpaper idea, everything you need is right there at an arm’s length. Get to know the trends in modern wallpapers. 

A Bold Floral

Being an energizing color, a bold floral is a powerful take on wallpaper ideas sure to inspire for years to come.

Textural 3-D

While working as a stunning addition, a 3-D wallpaper is sure to inject more than enough adding texture to any room in the home. 

Traditional Floral

Traditional floral wallpaper is the first style you picture when you think about wallpaper. They are back in trend with looking more compelling as it brings the good news. The interior design services in Kochi helps you choose a neutral color palette or a soft blush-toned floral print wallpaper for a soothing comforting and familiar feel in the living room. For bolder and more vibrant shades, consider a bright base shade like a vibrant blue or an energetic orange adding zesty color to the living room wallpaper ideas.

Smart Pinstripes

A striped wallpaper looks timeless making the ceilings appear higher than they are. It is better to move away from the traditional large stripe to smaller and more varied pinstripe living room wallpaper ideas. 

Try evenly spaced stripes and opt for a slightly heavier pattern instead of the classic mix of neutrals. Create a stunning and visually graphic effect with thin symmetrical stripes. Looking brilliant in period and modern homes alike, they give you a soft yet masculine feel with ease. With an array of grays and chalk colors that look fresh forever, the entire look feels tailored and well-judged when finished off with a splash of saturated colors.

High-Shine Metallics

For an added touch of glamour and luxury, wallpaper with gold detailing is quite a foolproof approach that can make your walls sing. If it is a floral wallpaper with gold detailing on it or a geometric design with gold worked into it, high-shine metallics including gold are sure to provide the living room wallpaper ideas a sumptuous feel and a sense of everyday elegance. 

If you are going for the more traditional feel, a damask style wallpaper will contribute whereas interior designing in Kochi vouches for more modern living room wallpaper ideas, a striking pineapple print or a graphic hexagonal design will find a place in your bucket list. Going for high-shine wallpapers in any color catches the light as beautifully if you detest the bold metallic look of your home.

Colorful Tropics

Bringing that heady feel of outdoor to your living room is what a bright and vibrant tropical wallpaper does. Brightening up the walls in no time, tropical wallpaper is playful, colorful and unexpected. Creating a lively scene and adding the essence of the beauty of nature, is what the greens, blues, pinks, oranges, and yellow come together for. 

To balance out all of the riotous colors, team it up with whites and light wood furniture as it is very important to find the right balance when it comes to perfecting living room wallpaper ideas. It is sure to leave you with the freshness as the contrast between light white and softwood tones and the bold punchy tropical wallpaper adds to it. 

Statement-Making Monochrome

To add some drama to your living room, a firm favorite is a statement monochrome design considered the best modern living room wallpaper ideas. There is no need to add color it can be the pattern and the contrast between the grays, whites, and blacks. 

With its amazing ability to look modern, contemporary, traditional and classic all at once, add pops of color with furniture and accessories keeping the room feeling lively as is done by leading construction company in Kochi to add elegance to the décor. Against a monochrome wallpaper, wood features look great adding a natural and timeless element. 

Nature Prints

A stunning idea for a feature wall is the nature print living room wallpaper ideas. Whether it is a natural landscape or a forest with trees and delicate clouds, whatever be the designs, they are sure to be an attention grabber for your living room. 

A simple wallpaper with the limited coloration is all that is enough and it doesn’t have to be bold in color. The design makes the impact and does all the talking. As you furnish your living room the way you want to pair it with nature print wallpaper allowing to stand out and speak for itself. 

Fresh, Modern Florals

With a love for a floral print, but not a big fan of traditional oversized floral wallpaper, you can’t beat a fresh, modern floral design. It adds to the same comfortable and classic style you know and love but with a more vibrant color scheme. 

Imagine creating a pretty floral design with vibrant greens and soft neutrals along with splashes of blue, yellow, and pink coming together. When paired with light woods, dark woods and whites along with white backgrounds, an interior design firm in Kochi help decorate with these living room wallpaper ideas that look great enabling to create a fresh or cozy feel. With plenty of white space, wallpaper of this kind is great for small living room wallpaper ideas as the white stops the pattern from closing off the room. 

Striking Retro-Inspired

For a retro printed design for the living room wallpaper ideas, a throwback to the exuberance of the 70s. These prints are bold and striking with warm tones lending themselves perfectly to living rooms. 

With light brown furniture and gold, accessories create a retro feel and a transitional mix with furnishings. Pair your vintage-inspired living room wallpaper for a more modern look with modern furnishings and blocks of color. 

Wallpaper Your Ceiling

Just wallpapering the walls do not add to the beauty of living rooms. The ceiling in your living room is sure to create an impact adding something special to your space. A bold paper can make a vibrant impact for the living room or go for a simpler look adding some room-defining texture. 
The ceiling was previously often overlooked but now interior designers consider it to be a valuable 5th wallpapering the ceiling proving it to be endlessly elegant and innovative that could also make the living room appear much grander in scale that it is.

To Conclude 

Wallpapers add value to the interior decor. Creating the right ambiance is what makes them click. Depending on the tastes and styles of the clients, interior designers and decorators in Kochi choose the wallpapers best suited for their interiors. This is one major motive to make the interior décor brighter and more beautiful. 

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