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Room-Defining Spring + Summer Decor Trends- Part 1

Current Trends 27 Jul, 2020

What Are The Current Trends?

With the buzziest interior design spring trends from interior design services in Kochi, get a leg up on the season ahead that the interior designers and clients can’t stop talking about from fresh, colorful kitchens, to the most searched textile, there’s always something for every home to consider no matter what the taste or lifestyle is. 

Why don’t you elevate the home with seriously on-trend updates that are surely never going to be out of style as we say adieu to the colder, darker winter season? The fact that most of them don’t cost a small fortune or that requires outside help to complete is better suited for the interior designers in Kochi. 

Line Drawings

To add personality in your home, the most playful interior design trends for spring is the best for your hunt. As best interior designers in Kochi creates visually interesting line drawing which is easy on the eye can be found in just about any iteration. 

Without sacrificing on everyday elegance, plates to shower curtains to even rugs, there is no problem in bringing in accessories boasting a zestfully playful feel. The graphic line drawings end up costing a small fortune as you easily bring them in even the smallest of doses.


Velvet furniture and textiles were hands down one of the most popular of them all, while the interior design trends survey all about the designer. Searches for velvet went up 400% last year alone if that’s not enough. 
With a range of velvet fabrications by top interior designers in Kochi through the likes of seating, drapes, throws, and pillows and accessories, the hottest interior design trends for spring-summer is above the ordinary. The sturdy fabrication with its timeless elegance and comforting feel due to rich jewels tones to subtle matte hues, it will never be out of place when paired with just about any design style. 

Concrete Furnishings

Being more specific than many of the rest, this take on interior design summer trends has no denied the endlessly cool allure of concrete furnishings and finishes, especially for a modern minimal home. 

Interior design firm in Kochi brings trends that are clean and fuss-free calls for simple concrete tables, consoles lending the room a rugged yet grown-up sense of sophistication. While they are sure to not go out of style, keep in mind the extremely heavy and difficult to move around and that can be risky with children and seniors alike in the home. 

Crittall Frames

Explore having crittall frames installed to break up open space common rooms when you are on the search of hopefully boosting the potential resale value of the home. As also it can lead to redefining a bathroom or outdoor space, As it comes timeless in appeal and unintrusive, these frames don’t have to cost a fortune as they’re somewhat easy to install. They help you redefine quickly a room bringing in the most interesting interior design trends for spring-summer 

Scalloped Edges

Scalloped edges look terrific with velvet upholstery and are sure to add needed visual interest in any room, as a throwback to the decadence of the heady Art-Deco era of the roaring ’20s. Get the look without having to go full-on with simple side chairs here and there or even scallop-edged side table or serving tray just like any other interior design trends. 

Play with unexpected curves boasting symmetry and a sense of well-judged design without feeling heavy-handed and channel the most popular interior design trends for spring. 

Matte Black Taps

When it comes to the faucet for kitchens and bathrooms, gold and silver have long been the standards as something little bit more of an edge, opting smooth to touch and ultra-cool looking matter options. 

As they’re unique, it takes years for friends and neighbors to catch up as they hide water stains better, remaining timeless in appeal. Nothing beats going for unexpected or an original feel as we look at the most coveted interior design summer trends. 

Concluding Thoughts On The Design Trends

Interior design trends are seasonal and need constant updation to make the interiors look contemporary. A laid back design will never help the inmates in living peacefully and relaxed. Attract more visitors with the help of new and better interior designs from leading interior company in Kochi. While it may still cost a fortune, the ultimate result help get the desired look for your interiors. Making your dream come true, the interior design is one aspect of home decoration that helps influence the mood and give you an altogether happy ambiance. As your den to rest and relax, the home interiors should be what your mind and body need at the end of the day. 

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