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Creating Interiors That Reflect Your Vibrant Personality

18 Dec, 2019

Interiors are identified by the colors and hues that adorn the walls. The truth as recorded by chromotherapy is that colors increase or decrease a person’s mood as stated by the best interior designers in Kochi who are experts in handling the shades of interiors. This mood shift adds to the lack of physical or spiritual energy that requires to be balanced with a more vibrant color. To state the fact, the interior design reflects the inner self of the owner.

The entire color scheme can change the atmosphere of your home. Taking into account, the colors can be decided from the color wheel. Depending on the mood you need to recreate, choose the appropriate paints to make your dream home as beautiful as you can.

The choice of colors for your bedroom should promote tranquility and leading construction company in Kochi advocates violet, blue and green hues creating the impression of wide space. This is why they are known as receding colors. In the case of the living room, opt for a color that will please everybody in the house as it is an open shared space.

Family rooms or playrooms are better suited to warm, vibrant paints like yellow, orange, sunny hues as recommended by interior design companies in Kochi, adding a lot of positive energy to the place. If it’s the earthy tones like browns and greens, or neutral creamy tones, paint the kitchens, entrances, and halls that merge well with the atmosphere.

Adding to the ambiance of a room is the way light influences it. A classic incandescent bulb makes cool colors like blues and violets look dull, strengthening warm colors like yellows. On the other hand, fluorescent bulbs are quite the opposite by intensifying cool colors and making warm colors seem dull. These suggestions can be considered while deciding on a wide range of color schemes offered by interior painting experts.

Certain color schemes according to the experts dealing with interior decoration in Kochi suit well with your personality. Every shade in the color spectrum adds to the vibrant personality of the inhabitant. By choosing the paint of your home, you will feel comfortable and cozy adding to the divine feeling in your home.

The Choice Of Paint Finishes

Interiors of homes are defined by the paints applied to the walls and of course the finishes available for different rooms. With a variety of choices, leading construction company in Kochi, puts forward the best finishes creating the desired reaction to light. Along with this, there is a combination of finishes created by manufacturers adding to the creative sense of the designers.

Flat And Matte Finishes

This option is well suited for walls that do not have any real sheen after the paint has dried up. The ambiance is due to the different reaction with light as it absorbs the light rather than reflect it. This finish is best suited for walls where you have to conceal small imperfections on the surface. They help create a good impact on places with less traffic. It is best suited for ceilings as suggested by best interior designers in Kochi even though they are not a choice for kitchens, kid’s rooms and bathrooms where it is difficult to maintain cleanliness as compared to other finishes.

Eggshell Paint Finish

Though similar to a matte finish, this is distinguished by the presence of some sheen after the paint has dried up. As a natural choice of leading builders, it complements interior decoration in Kochi, mainly the interior walls that are easier to maintain and clean as compared to flat wall paint. For a unique look, it can be interchanged with the matte finish.

Satin Paint Finish

The glossiest of all finishes, satin paint finish is a popular choice. It is recommended for all rooms except the bathroom and kitchen by interior design companies in Kochi, as it comes with a very smooth and velvety shine after drying up creating a very interesting ambiance. But this finish cannot be used for hiding imperfections on the surface reflecting more light to create a vibrant atmosphere. This makes it the best-suited finish for your kid’s room.

Semi-Gloss And High-Gloss Paint Finish

The next choice is semi-gloss as well as high-gloss finishing. This reflects most of the light after drying out. While leading construction companies choose semi-gloss for kitchen and bathroom as it is resilient to water and easier to clean, high gloss, on the other hand, is suited for interior finishing of furniture. This makes it a very durable paint adding a touch of modernity to the furniture.

The Bottom Line

Being dependent on personal preference interior decoration in Kochi with professional guidance helps you choose the right paint finish for the right sections of your home. A professional consultation helps in designing the interiors well suited for your mood and personality. It adds to the ambiance you dream of when you relax in your dream home.

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