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Avoid These Common Decorating Mistakes 

Why Are There Mistakes In Your Interior Decor?

No matter if you are decorating your home with professional help from interior design services in Kochi or looking for a room refresh, the checklist for decorating mistakes should be avoided helping you find success during the process. 

Strictly Sticking With A Design Style

While sticking to a dedicated style helps to guide you during the interior design process but confining it to just one decor style, in the end, will be uninspiring to look at. It is important to create a visually interesting transitional mix of styles and periods for an unexpected approach affording you more freedom to work with. 

Keeping It Too Uptight

Homeowners forging functionality for formality is one of the most common decorating mistakes interior designers see all too often. In real-time interior design ideas from top interior designers in Kochi, the more precious and untouchable a room feels, the less joyful it will be to use. There is no need to keep a feel of a room too uptight as you don’t live in a museum.

Art Installed Too High Or Low

Take a cue from modern art galleries and hang pieces up that is perfectly at the eye level for the best kind of impact when installing art in your home. As in reality, it should not have people looking up to take in what you’ve brought in. 

A Badly Planned Layout

Furniture layout helps define a room when done well whether it is a disruptive walking path to the furniture placed flush against the walls to a lack of conversational areas. To keep the feel of well-appointed, be deliberate and practical with furniture placement. 

A Rug That’s Too Small

Most interior designers suggest starting from the ground up when decorating a space. Don’t be shy when it comes to scale and so think of the flooring as a foundational starting point by best interior designers in Kochi. To make a grand statement go for as large of a rug as possible. 

Buying Everything From One Source

Most people stick to one brand too often as it is easier and you can get everything you need in one fell swoop. It will end up your home looking like a one-note showroom. Unless you‘ve won a contest from a brand, go for a variety of furnishings sourced from trusted brands for a one-of-a-kind feel. 

Avoiding Plays On Scale

Get creative with playful contrast and bold juxtapositions keeping the eye moving and inspired by the unexpected for a charmingly layered look. Bringing in the pieces with the same size and height will make for a bland outcome when it comes to decorating mistakes. 

A Television Is Not A Focal Point

Even though it is great to gather around the television for a cozy night in, it should not be a major focal point in the room. As there is nothing sophisticated about the look of television, the more concealed the better it is. Consider playing loops of short art films while it’s not in use if you insist you must have one. 

Getting Too Trendy

Sticking too closely with what you see, it can end up with pieces that everyone has seen a million times when sourcing inspirational images from Pinterest and Instagram. Using Pinterest trends as decorative cues and exploring how you can make elements of them unique to you gets you better design ideas as shown by leading interior design consultants in Kochi. 

Skipping Out On Multi-Purpose Pieces

No matter the size of your home, most pieces should have a multipurpose capability while there are some pieces simply with a great aesthetic. This helps make the best use of space with functional and practical elements. 

Relying Only On Overhead Lighting

The lack of layered lighting is one of the most drastic decorating mistakes when it comes to lighting the home. Create comforting layers of light via floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps and even candles positioned at different heights instead of relying on the cold and clinical feel of standard overhead lighting. 

To Conclude About The Tips

While it takes experts a lot of time in deciding the interior décor well suited to the tastes of the clients, these tips can help them avoid common mistakes while decorating. A little bit of attention helps make the interiors more inspiring than bland helping the leading construction company in Kochi portray their skills. Make sure you get expert advice when it comes to interior and lighting. The lighting influences the mood of the room and so it is important to decide on which element goes well with what type of rooms. Decorating the interiors heavily relies on the furniture placement as well as paints of the room and the different accessories decorating the walls. 

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