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Basement Flooring Ideas For Home Renovation -Part 1

What Are The Trends In Basement Floorings?

Basement flooring ideas should top your list if it’s time to update the basement or you are just about to undergo a completely new basement renovation. Just as interior designers in Kochi think, it is important to consider flooring as a foundational starting point set the tone for any room.

Anything from modern basement flooring ideas to most affordable flooring ideas taking less time to install, depending on the space you have to work with, as well as your décor style, determines the flooring ideas. The following basement ideas are sure to inspire you as you look to elevate the often neglected area be it large or small space, family space or workout zone.

How Will You Use Your Basement?

How you use your basement space and how frequently it is the first thing to be considered. It could be more challenging to judge from the right types of basement flooring ideas as along with the best interior designers in Kochi if you don’t know how you are going to be using the space. Will it be used as a home gym or an entertainment area for friends and family? Or is it going to be used as a workspace or a study? Is it as unique as a home theatre or game room? 

It will be easier to come up with basement flooring ideas selecting the right one for you and your home, with clarity on the purpose of basement space. Thorough research on informative sites can set you on track helping explore the possibilities.

How Much Maintenance Are You Willing To Do?

How much maintenance you are willing to perform on the flooring and how often determines the flooring ideas when you are looking to renovate the basement. Are you getting it installed with never having to touch it again, or do you mind doing a small amount of maintenance each year, season or month? Top interior designers in Kochi think to maintain the basement floor when it needs, and are you willing to spend a fair amount of time? You get a better idea of which floor to go with when you answer these questions in case you don’t want to do any maintenance, choosing something hard wearing and easy to take care of. 

Steering clear of basement flooring ideas routinely requiring lots of care and polishing as this won’t be the main floor you use regularly whatever be the case.

What Inspires You?

Researching the basement flooring ideas can bring in the right style and type of confidence just like you would with any home improvement project or update saving you time and money. 

Scour through and look for basements catching the eye that would also go well with the taste and lifestyle, interior decoration Kochi helps you with a better understanding of what’s possible and what works best when it comes to basement flooring ideas for the home. 

Consider the following materials to update the basement so that you can enjoy it even more for years to come helping you explore smaller options available.

Engineered Wood

What About It?

Consisting o a solid wood veneer secured over the top of plywood, engineered wood flooring is the best option. Being a strong flooring option and the durability makes it great for high traffic areas or places like playrooms or game rooms, where you want something with strength. This type of flooring should be on the top of your list of basement flooring ideas when the leading construction company in Kochi makes it easy to keep clean and if you are thinking about having a dining or kitchen space in the basement. As something you can do yourself, if you are DIY minded, it is also relatively easy to install. 

Varying in terms of cost, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per square foot, engineered wood comes with great variations as also a budget-friendly or as luxurious as you want with the amazing number of colors and styles while getting you a flexible basement flooring option. 

How To Style It

To create some color contrast, go for a dark wood floor and light and bright walls leaving the room feeling fresh and modern. Team it up with darker walls for a game room or media room that is more comforting and intimate. While you choose light flooring, play it up with some darker furnishings creating a striking contrast with modern basement floorings ideas.

Laminate Flooring

What About It?

As it comes in all kinds of styles resembling wood, tiles, and even stone, laminate flooring features a plastic veneer over plywood. As a great option on the budget, you can emanate high-end materials at a fraction of cost achieving a very convincing look. As a great basement flooring idea, laminate flooring is durable, as well as easy to maintain. As it is easy to clean and resistant to moisture, it comes handy as basements are prone to mildew and mold. 

One of the easier ones to have fitted, laminate flooring makes it the perfect option if you require affordable basement flooring ideas, that might cost you more to fit the floor than buy the materials in the first place. 

How To Style It

Being flexible, laminate flooring helps you choose from wood effect to tile effect and even stone effect. With wood effect, laminate flooring comes as amazingly effective, especially in dark and light colors. What about a gray wood look? Home renovation in Kochi is complete when it comes to teamed with white walls and some dark, moody furniture it makes a timelessly modern look. Keeping the room feel light with a near-white wood effect laminate helps make what can be an otherwise dark space into a light and airy one. 

Concluding The Thoughts On Flooring Options

Flooring options come in a lot more entertaining and enriching options from the interior design firm in Kochi. Continuing them in the next write up, we are discussing a whole lot of options available. Make the most of these and you will find the right options suiting your space and setting the moods in them. 

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