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Basement Flooring Ideas For Home Renovation -Part 2

Great Renovation Ideas For Basement Flooring

When going for home renovation, choose the best flooring as it is the most foundational starting point. The same applies to when you are considering modern ideas to renovate the basement flooring with the help of interior designers in Kochi. With affordable flooring ideas, that take very little time to install, it helps space get a professional look. The following ideas make it possible to have the whole interior decor look great adding the basement flooring as an inevitably good looking interior. 


What About It?

When it comes to concrete flooring, it is strong, durable, on-trend yet timeless and affordable. Being minimalist in style, it is surprisingly inexpensive to install. As suggested by top interior designers in Kochi, opt for polished concrete, painted concrete, stained concrete and even that which comes as a high-shine epoxy coating for a long-lasting look. Even though painting and staining concrete is easy to do yourself, it is budget-friendly too and gives plenty of scopes to change and update the look for a fresh feel. A concrete finish helps make the basement feel as large as possible as it is poured out without disruptive seams.

How To Style It?

For a space like a gym or game room, go for a boldly painted option lending themselves well to a bold flooring choice. A warm tone stain helps elicit that feel beautiful if the basement flooring ideas need to be softer and cozier. As the basements are cold spaces, keep the feet warm with rugs protecting you from the roughness of concrete because a simple fall or slip could result in small injuries that aren’t worth the effort. 

Carpeting And Rugs

What About Them?

As a stomping ground for pesky mold and mildew, basements should have the proper floor installed as renovation experts suggest using carpets as a more decorative tool rather than structural feature as interior design services in Kochi name it. A striking rug lends the basement a comforting sense of warmth as also allows you to move them around for a quick room refresh available in an endless selection of colors and pattern. As they provide something sumptuous to stomp around it keeps the feet warm as basements come a few degrees colder than the other spaces. 

How To Style It

Varying from layered rugs for added comfort underfoot to large oversized rug covering up the majority of flooring, you don’t have to go the wrong direction unless you go for something too bold or abrasive as you’ll tire of it quicker than with a traditional rug. Opt for a rug that boasts a majority of synthetic fibers as they don’t trap dust and the like of a wool rug can helping avoid the said mold and mildew. Opt for an affordable outdoor rug to do the same as they are designed to withstand elements of outdoor as an alternative. 

Ceramic Tile

What About It?

More expensive than laminate flooring, and installation costs higher than expected are ceramic tiles that might not be an option to go for in case you are looking for basement flooring ideas on a budget. This is not easy to be done by yourself as it requires an amount of skill to lay tiles which you may not have and end up making mistakes as also being more costly. The best interior designers in Kochi gives tiles that come in an amazing range of colors, patterns, and style. 

There are scores of unique ceramic tiles on the market sure to make the basement flooring unique with technological advancements. As coming incredibly durable, as also great in repelling water, it is a popular basement flooring idea. 

How To Style It

It is a wrong notion that tiles are just for the bathroom or kitchen making great modern basement flooring ideas as they help avoid mold and mildew. With an endless selection as it comes to ceramic tiles, why not go for something that is as interesting as a pattern or design or something in a bold color or things that are a little bit more unique in basement space? You can make the basement appear larger and brighter as spaces without windows need the help they can get, with an all-over solid neutral color that helps in this. A textured ceramic tile evokes a wood grain effect inexpensively especially if it is durability and water resistance of a tile with the look and feel of wood. 

Vinyl Tile

What About It?

Vinyl tile is the ultimate option if you are considering basement flooring ideas on a budget as also available in an array of colors and styles and even different patterns giving plenty of flooring options. Interior design companies in Kochi says that they come pretty easy to lay and install if anything goes wrong they are easy to replace. You can lay vinyl tiles yourself with relative ease if you are handy as these are even self-stick vinyl tiles available to make it even easier for you.
Durable and strong, as well as easy to clean, it is a perfect option for high traffic areas. For a more custom look or updating the space every few years, it is easily painted in interesting colors creating striking graphic panels. 

How To Style It

Energize the basement flooring ideas for cheap choosing a bright and vibrant color as these tiles come in a range of colors and styles with fun options available making them a great option for kids play area, kitchen space or a bathroom area. Teaming it up with bright colored basement flooring ideas with simple furniture as well as neutral walls adds to the visual play that comes from the floor color. If you do update the basement flooring with a coat of paint or fresh finish, you should use only proper floor paint and seal it for an easy clean. 


Basement flooring ideas come in a variety of ways with budget-friendly and cost-effective as well as luxurious floor finishes. Interior design firms in Kochi helps create a basement that is more inviting and engaging than many others. Make sure you spend well on worthy design ideas. 

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