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Create Your Own Stylish Retro Kitchen With These Savvy Ideas- Part 1

Retro Kitchen 27 Jul, 2020

Why Go For A Retro Kitchen?

If you are on the hunt for an inspiration to be found in ultra-modern kitchen designs, interior designers in Kochi suggest that there is no denying the inviting charm of a beautifully realized retro kitchen in any home. In familiar and tried and true, there’s always a joy to be found. Create your retro kitchen if you’re on board for latter that comes with ease with savvy retro kitchen design ideas sure to delight. 

On the takes of best retro styles, you can create, discover the perfect retro design with ease. Evoke a vintage feel, with a return to wood paneling to graphic checkerboard kitchen floors, to the best colors. The following are the considerations for creating the unique retro kitchen in the home you are sure to enjoy for years to come. 

Checkerboard Floor

When you think of stylish retro kitchen design, it comes as no surprise that a checkerboard floor is one of the first things to be considered with its timeless appeal. Cycling back in popularity these checkerboard flooring in general always boasts fresh visual appeal and the best way to start with is the flooring in any room that is refreshing as it works as a foundation for space you consider making it unique. Think about interesting color combinations that top interior designers in Kochi create making you think differently as checkerboard floors do not always need to be black and white. Muted pastels paired together elicit a fresh feel for years to come. 

Pastel Kitchen Cabinets

Without pastel kitchen cabinets to evoke the spirit of a bygone era, you can’t aim to have a retro kitchen. Adding to the vintage feel of the kitchen space, these pastel kitchen units and cabinetry work well whether you go for blue, green, yellow or pink. Never feel afraid to go for subtler, feminine color as the recurring theme exploring retro kitchen decor ideas.

You can always paint an accent wall in a pretty pastel hue, or go for something contrasting like a kitchen island that you won’t have to commit seriously if you think it’s too far removed for you or you want to make sure the property retains its value. In this way, you save yourself the risk of tiring of a single shade used everywhere in a room. 

Chrome Finishes And Details

Often overlooked in retro kitchen design, chrome makes a great way to bring in the much needed high shine that is seriously enviable everyday glamour. These kinds of chrome chair legs and table legs are an integral part of the retro design whereas chrome details on the appliances and accessories set a tone apart. 

It gives a modern and luxurious take with the cabinetry lined with elegant chrome for a handsome, grown up look. It adds strength to the pastel color ways and saccharine prints lending a retro kitchen its spirit. 

Vintage Appliances

Choose vintage style appliances that make for a savvy compromise if you like the idea of going for a retro kitchen but not sure of the worth of long term commitment or you prefer a more transitional design direction. Style the rest of the kitchen with the help of best interior designers in Kochi to make appliances the center of attention making vintage-inspired appliances a key feature of the kitchen. 

It looks great to pair dark kitchen units with colorful retro-inspired fridge and checkerboard flooring as ionic 50s inspired range of kitchen appliances coming in a variety of unique inspiring colors with matte finishes. 

Retro Lighting

Consider investing in well-designed quality lighting boasting timeless appeal in case you want to refresh the kitchen with a different style if you want a retro kitchen decor that sings. To add bonafide vintage flair in the home, retro lighting is a perfect way. 

For a great juxtaposed look with retro inspired finds, the modern lighting sources styles brought forward by interior decoration in Kochi are inspired by ionic vintage designs with plenty of retro inspired lighting options available at the moment that are affordable to boot. 

Scour local secondhand shops, antique marts, and online dealers for vintage pendant lighting options in vibrant colors and styles from the 60s and 70s for an authentic feel. Keep in mind that retro kitchens bring ultra-bright lighting making sure it isn’t too moody and not too clinical either. 

Pink Accents

As pink is not often the color you see in kitchens, when you think about a retro kitchen, salmon and sandy pink are stunning kitchen wall paint colors for refreshing pairing with retro kitchen tiles setting a tone that reflects the charm of mid century era. 

Pairing with plenty of other colors, pink comes timeless when it's not bright and looks great when teamed with light colored cabinetry and a checkerboard floor. 

Wood Paneling

Popular throughout the 40s and 70s it is a great way to channel retro kitchen décor with wood paneling. It also boasts retro appeal to this day choosing a medium tone wood and panel the walls, kitchen island and have matching cabinet doors for a complete look. 

Designing a retro kitchen as well as researching materials, colors, and finishes really build a complete look and story with authority. 


These ideas on a retro kitchen design are well suited for anyone in general when it comes to the interior design services in Kochi. This helps you get the ambiance of vintage décor lending it to the space that is well designed. Update a quick room refresh taking just minutes. 

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