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Get The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends- Part 1

Interior Design Trends 27 Jul, 2020

How Can You Deck Up The Living Room?

Are you switching up the living room decor? Here are some inspiring living room interior design ideas from top interior designers in Kochi to find endless inspiration from. In the case where you want a thoroughly modern living room design or something more traditional in feel, we are there for your help.

Here are all the hints and tips you needed to elevate the living room to the next level from simple living room designs to abstract and interesting living room décor ideas whichever you choose. 

Section The Space

To create a multifunctional and multi-aspect living space, the best interior designers in Kochi help section the living room using furniture. This interior design is all about making the best and efficient use of space available to you while sectioning it with furniture is a great way to do this. 

The new glass coffee table atop a rug, as well as a cocooned chair amid a sofa with a couple of chairs, make a perfect seating area while closing the space off from the eating area, kids play area or workspace.

Compartmentalizing the space is a clever way of achieving functionality and flow subtly. 

Compact Side Tables

Great for freeing up space in a living room are compact side tables giving you the surface space and functionality you need. While it is very in right now, the interior designers in Kochi use metals as we see a lot of gold, silver, and bronze are being worked into the designs a well as interesting geometric shapes. 

Working wonders at opening up space in the living room designs is the metal frame base glass-topped side tables. In favor of something modern and practical, these dual-purpose side tables and sofa consoles enable you to ditch chunky furniture items like bookcases and sideboards. 

Nesting Tables

The secret space-saving speaks for itself when we don’t need to tell the benefits of nesting tables. While it is a fact that three tables take up the space of one, as soon as you have guests around, there is more than enough surface area meant for cups of coffee as well as glasses of wine. Circular tables with metallic frames are one of the favorite styles at the moment with some hexagonal nesting tables catching the eye. 

One-Of-A-Kind Console Tables

When you think that the living room design isn’t complete without an original piece of furniture to make a statement then opt for an audacious console table. With enough and more of designs from Herve Van der Straeten, the use of bronze is like nothing else we have seen and the pieces are truly astounding. 

Keep your eyes peeled for console tables with clean, sharp lines bringing the abstract into every day if the living room décor budget doesn’t stretch to a piece of Herve. 

Cut Out The Couch

You don’t have to follow tradition and have a couch in the living room like everyone does, while the interior design firm in Kochi comes with the biggest changes in the evolution of interior design. Be different to ditch the classic couch as choosing something else like bench seating, a group of comfy chairs or a chaise or a settee. 

Adding a regal feel to the living room design is an elegant settee while a set of comfortable chairs helps the design feel more intimate and cozy. With chairs centered around a coffee table, to ground the living room, bench seating is perfect for lounging in case you aren’t blessed with ample space. 


This is the most modern trend with minimalism is out and maximalism is in as the bare surfaces, a muted color scheme as with limited personality that wasn’t for you then you are lucky. Sweeping through the interior design is maximalism like never before where you think of cozy and decadent for the living room décor using it as an opportunity showcasing cherished treasures evoking the bounce to your personality throughout the living room interior. 

Don’t shy away from style, clash patterns, prints with colors so they meld together for the look that can only be described as ‘more is more’. 

Off-Kilter Scale

When it comes to confusing senses that test the limits of interior design ignoring tired rules of scale in the living room design, these tips or a living room given by the leading construction company in Kochi usually tells you that the larger the room is, the larger the furniture it accommodates and the smaller the room the less imposing the pieces should be. 

while it is always useful to try something different, it can be done by bringing in oversized lamps, a petite sofa maybe a few large chairs, mini nesting tables, while also imposing light fittings finally mixing it up without letting the ideas to be stuck in servicing the past. 

Parlor-Style Seating

Parlor style seating is a great direction to consider as the parlor was always the place with entertaining guests if you are a social butterfly. Guaranteed to make for the best social entertainment space, a settee, and chairs arranged around a table in the living room interior design that can be mustered.  

Add a smaller table with a couple of chairs arranged around it in another part of the room if you have plenty of space in the living room. It is suggested to introduce different colors and styles of furniture as traditionally the parlor seating would have been a matching set while still creating a well-judged parlor feel or a more eclectic living room interior.  

Concluding The Discussion

Whether on a shoestring budget or not, these ideas help you in designing the interiors with modernity adding to the maximalist look. Make sure you get the best space design as the interior design services in Kochi is sure to give you the look and feel of luxurious as also comfortable interiors. More ideas can be added. But this short write up will introduce you to the world of the most sophisticated living room design. 

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