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Get The Best Living Room Interior Design Trends- Part 2

Interior Design Trends 27 Jul, 2020

How Well Can You Design The Living Room?

Thinking of getting a complete revamp for the living room interior design décor ideas? Here is what you need to know more from the best interior designers in Kochi on inspiring interior design ideas. For a thoroughly modern living room design, or for the most sought after traditional feel these tips are sure to help you. 

Here we try to elevate the living room to the next level where simple living room designs, as well as abstract interesting decor ideas, are there from which you can choose. 

Wall Lamps And Sconces

Taking the least table space when the clients keep asking for lighting options, think about wall lamps and scones which is considered a thing of the past whereas interior designers report on new covetable styles. From modern matte finishes to oversized swing arms to art-deco inspired lighting and double sconces as the lighting options the interior designers in Kochi take a remarkably different turn walls lamps and sconces are back in full force. 

Wall lamps are a smart and chic add-on for a beautifully exemplary living room design with a traditional but unexpectedly modern twist to the living room interior lighting which is far from looking old fashioned. Looking great against glossy finishes are the metals featuring heavily here. 

Unique Chaise

It should be always exploring routes making those rooms feel one-of-a-kind which is the key for the most seen common space. With an interestingly shaped chaise lounge doing double duty while adding an enviable sense of comfort and warmth, this is keen on making the living room design all the more memorable and unique.

Add An Interesting Mobile

Since the last couple of years, they haven’t been in vogue as for quite some time, there’s always something intriguing as about the new mobile with interior designers seeing them at trade shows the world over. When it comes to a richly layered the top interior designers in Kochi help get a beautifully realized decor for the living room while punctuating the room for a statement-making silhouette. 

When it comes to your living room décor ideas, bring in just about any sized mobile you like while the graphic mobile can be large in scale and be sure they flow with the rest of the room rather than working as a sight of distraction.

Go Tonal

As it makes decorating the living room much easier, as there is less room for error, it comes to small living room interior design going tonal which is a great way to make the area appear larger and more defined. 

For a rich and dynamic living room, be sure you opt for a color that comes timeless and seeing yourself admiring for a while pairing it away with colors relatively close to the color wheel. 

Get Moody

Introducing darker hues easier to keep clean opting for more intimate darker highlighting keeps the feel cozy and luxurious while adding some brooding sophistication for the living room decor. 

Create Juxtapositions

That which is set to come off as a tad bland due to the very tight color edit without oversized abstract painting anchoring it, notice how the room featured comes with the help of the interior design services in Kochi though chock full of furnishings in various prints and patterns. 

Create a diversified living room interior design playing with opposites as well as different elements making the room pop as everything doesn’t need to match. The artwork that highlights the traditional furniture, is rather than playing it all down. 

Skip The Coffee Table

Are you short on space or on the hunt for a unique path that is beautifully realized living room décor why do you need a standard coffee table? 
As the most memorable spaces are unusual living room décor ideas skip out the coffee table opting for a smart alternative like an easily movable ottoman coming with plenty extra storage concealed within it. 

Add A Unique Screen

Every room can use the benefit of mirrors as they make the room feel larger, brighter as well as glamorous when it comes to chic designs it is suggested sourcing the unique mirrors making the room stand out. 
There are plenty of unique mirrors that can bring in that boast a one-of-a-kind feel about them from mirrored shutters to mirrored screen. 

Layer Away

Even if the living room interiors are a tad heavy-handed as well as busy, there is sure to be enviable harmony infused throughout taking note of. A lush living room feels warm and inviting is stray away from the rigidity when it comes to the interior decoration Kochi as found in showrooms creating layers of furnishings with a décor that has a truly lived-in look. 

Mirrors Galore

Mirrors are essential in any room adding that they can be sourced affordably to boot as it is said before and continue saying it again. Bring in as many unique mirrored surfaces with an elevated living room design bouncing with light as you can for a high shine everyday elegance making the room appear larger. 

Graphic Prints

As it is finally starting to lose momentum minimalism in the interior design world is all set to explore stylish ways to add the much needed visual interest with living room design making it unique to the home. 

Concluding The Thoughts

Using a series of two-tone patterns juxtaposed is the fact that the living room has one another creating a rich stimulating area full of personality as well as well-judged elegance. Keep the color palette and print combinations precise for the consistency along with the interior design firm in Kochi keeping the scale in mind with every element that is harmonious with one another especially in a small living room 


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