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How To Create A Mesmerizing Monochromatic Room- Part 2

Monochromatic Room 24 Jul, 2020

The Points To Be Noted When Choosing A Monochromatic Design

Continuing from the last blog on monochromatic room decor, we take the step forward in exploring the design ideas to create comfy and cozy interiors. As interior designers in Kochi implies a monochromatic room is often thought to be a calming experience with a clever approach to enliven the room.

While it is difficult to create and challenging to start with, the following are some tips to be taken care of while you want to own monochromatic room design. 

Start Small

Start with the smallest room in case you aren’t sure about a monochromatic interior. As the bathrooms lend themselves perfectly to monochrome color schemes, start with them. As bathrooms help relax and rest, a monochrome color scheme isn’t busy, it isn’t in your face as well as it doesn’t give off an impactful drama- on the other hand, it’s the perfect scheme for a relaxing space.

Start with the tiles in the bathroom and once the style is chosen, match them with the paint choosing perfect shades to match.

Introduce Texture

Even though monochrome design comes looking a little boring, interior design services in Kochi suggest if concerned about the room looking a bit quiet mix it up with texture. Introduce a textured headboard for your bed in the bedroom or textured linens.

Whereas in the kitchen experiment with a vibrant countertop marble instead of just a plain color. Try introducing wood paneling or patterned furnishings in the living rooms keeping the room alive. 

Attention To Detail

Filling up the room with similar colors run the risk of the room merging into one without many definitions. To avoid such a situation comes the use of fixtures and fittings with general attention to detail. Include contrasting taps and cupboard handles in the kitchen to offset a monochromatic design.

Without exuberant bright colors, choose a slightly different tone that stands out against the monochrome pallet making a huge difference. Try working with brass or copper fixtures and fittings adding to your color scheme.

Soft And Subtle

Making a statement with monochromatic room decor doesn’t require choosing colors at opposite ends of a paint chart. Instead work with selecting a few colors to close together on the color chart or stunning, subtle take on a monochrome scheme.

Grays work well in this way especially dark gray that can be pretty imposing especially in a smaller room. Top interior designers in Kochi help you choose grays closer to one another on the color spectrum it helps open up a room making the most of the benefits of monochrome directions.

Be Bold And Brazen

Opt for a bright and bold color like lilac, orange, or even green for monochromatic home decor if soft and subtle doesn’t please you. As bright colors make super vibrant rooms, still managing not to be massively overbearing in a monochromatic room.

As such this kind of design makes a space feel opulent and luxurious some of the heavy colors are traditionally linked to luxury and opulence. As peach is perfect for feminine monochromatic bedroom ideas, lilac works well for larger communal spaces like the monochromatic living room kitchen or monochromatic dining room. 

Create Focal Points With Tone

Colors can be used to create focal points around a room and highlight focal points as well. Use calmer and softer colors for larger spaces such as walls and furniture and bolder colors for smaller accents such as accessories, art, and rugs. 

As it happens, interior decoration Kochi places bold accents in front of soft zones of color drawing attention to accents in a monochromatic room. Place lighter tones on walls making the room feel larger and more spacious keeping it cozy and comfortable with accessories. 

Consider The Mood

Monochromatic painting ideas determining the color scheme and tone can influence the mood of the room. What are you looking for? A vibrant or relaxing room? Warm and welcoming or calm and cool? Use traditionally warm colors such as pinks, oranges, and browns as a base of the monochromatic interior design ideas or the warmth of the room. 

Go for blues, lilacs, and grays for a calming monochromatic room. When you are on the lookout for more vibrancy choose colors across the color chart. Something more relaxing comes when you opt for the colors closely residing together for a smart approach to monochromatic design. 

Break It Up

In certain cases monochromatic decor can be a bit too much. It is easy to rectify it by introducing the black or white as a neutral in the room and preventing a monochromatic room being overwhelmed by the chosen color include bare white spaces that give the eye a break.

As black provides a bold pop of color against the toned down monochrome room it helps add depth and personality to the monochromatic interior design. 

What helps define a room is unity which is vital keeping an eye focused yet moving about. Psychology experts as also interior designers and decorators in Kochi believe that as you enter a room for the first time, the brain relies on pattern recognition giving the room context. As you take in more patterns like repeated colors, the easier the room is for you to process. When it is faster to take the elements of a room the more aesthetically pleasing the experience will be. 

Concluding Thoughts On Monochromatic Design

As it may seem daunting and even dowdy decorating with monochromatic design ideas results can be extraordinary. As you design with a monochromatic color scheme, the architectural details unique textures, organic features and subtle variations of color in the space like never before. 

Starting from the ground up is suggested when you are creating a monochromatic room. A carpet, wooden flooring or a sumptuous rug, centered on the color palette with dominant color found below beginning to layer up using color from the floor to walls, textiles, and furniture. 

Sourcing elements and essentials of the same color range helps interior design firm in Kochi easily layer your design. Sticking with the same undertones and hues selected makes it easier to layer a monochromatic look, as the color you like in the long run don’t go for an on-trend one looking dated fast.

As monochromatic interior design allows the luxury of updating the décor when needed, establishing a base can layer vibrant textiles and accessories easy to switch out moving around painting the walls in neutral colors selecting the furnishings in the same shades. 

It is easy to bring a juxtaposition of radiant textures, patterns and extras adding finishing touches defining monochromatic space bringing it to life. As finishing touches are effective solutions balancing and adding unexpected contrasts to a monochromatic room gives you the dream decor.  

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