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Refresh Kitchen Cabinets With A Coat Of Paint- Part 1

Kitchen Cabinets 27 Jul, 2020

Challenging Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets

You are sure to spend as much time in your kitchen as you do in the living room and it should suit your creativity and taste. As kitchen renovation is a daunting task, interior design services in Kochi opt for refreshing and painting the cabinets that surely needn’t be so. You can draw inspiration from many of the painted kitchen cabinets.

It doesn’t cost you a fortune or take too much time if the cabinets are in good condition. Customizing the effect by choosing the numerous painted kitchen cabinets with easily available colors is not too difficult. In case your kitchen cabinets are in dire necessity of a refresh, consider giving them a facelift before updating them with a fresh coat of paint.

As the focal point is kitchen cabinets, they take up a lot of visual space demanding extra attention for top interior designers in Kochi. As it makes the kitchen look outdated and unattractive, a shabby looking kitchen cabinet gives your kitchen a coarse and unwelcoming feel.

Especially when done well., painting kitchen cabinets is not as trying as you expect. In case you use colors that you don’t enjoy in the long run, you would probably get tired of them. 

Transform your kitchen cabinets into stunning and striking addition in your home using several paint colors but finding the right colors is simply a matter of time and creativity. Consider the other items in the kitchen and their colors such as backslashes, appliances, and walls before you choose the color. 

With several colors in the kitchen, it is best to stick to neutral-colored cabinets or white ones. For neutral paint colors, choose dark gray, light gray, or a mix of gray and beige. Make the most of the kitchen space acquiring more colorful appliances and accessories, with neutral paint colors. 

Ensure you don’t miss out on the instant glow and stylish designs making a wave among the best interior designers in Kochi with fresh ideas for your painted kitchen cabinets. Below are given a few cheap painted kitchen cabinet ideas you can consider as the charted course on how to update the kitchen without spending a small fortune. 

Neutral Hues

With endless possibilities, the design choices have no limit when painting the kitchen cabinets. choose from an array of vibrant colors, or opt for a more minimal feel with painting kitchen cabinet white.

Brighten up the kitchen with white and natural earth tones as well as beige, which is very attractive when used as kitchen cabinet colors as they boast minimal timeless feel. For many homeowners and interior design firms in Kochi, this comes as little wonder why they are a top choice for classic painted kitchen cabinet ideas making space feel larger and brighter.  

Chalkboard Cabinets

Add a sense of play in the space with chalkboard painted kitchen cabinets, if you’ve got children or a busy household and kitchen, allowing you to easily jot down notes and clean up after them.

As the fronts will be black, only paint a portion of your kitchen cabinets or use chalkboard paint to create an accent or feature wall. 

Matte Cabinets

Make a subtle statement with matte painted kitchen cabinets perfect or modern and minimal home, that’ll lend your kitchen a sot, pared-down feel. 

You can be more varied in your color selection as they’re matte and the finish helps balance even the most saturated of painted kitchen cabinet colors. 


You can never go wrong with room defining crisp white painted kitchens as they’ll never go out of style for a timeless update when chosen by leading construction companies in Kochi. It makes the kitchen appear larger and brighter. All-White painted kitchen cabinets go well with about every design style, color, print, and finish. 

The fact that they are white is the only caveat here as they’ll highlight stains and everyday wear and tear instantly, as it needs to be cleaned and refreshed every so often. 

High-Gloss Painted Cabinets

High gloss finishes are easier to clean alternative to matte painted kitchen cabinets, certain to elevate the everyday elegance factor of the kitchen for years to come. 

They’ll catch and reflect light throughout the kitchen making it look larger, brighter, and more expensive which is a fact. 

Gray Tones

Consider a watery gray as a forever chic alternative if all white is too clinical for you or hard to keep clean daily, and if a flamboyant color simply isn’t for you. 

Looking modern in the appeal is gray painted kitchen cabinets and won’t take away from the potential resale value of your home when the interior decoration Kochi has all this in their kitty. A gray painted kitchen cabinet also pairs well with all kinds of paints and finishes. 

Wrapping Up The Discussion 

There are a lot of elements you should take in if you are doing a kitchen remodel or you need some painted kitchen cabinet. As outlined here there are some popular colors to use when painting your cabinets and how to apply them. Finding the leading interior design consultant in Kochi is useful in your journey on making your kitchen the sanctuary you envisioned will help give you a vibrant interior.  


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