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Refresh Kitchen Cabinets With A Coat Of Paint- Part 2

Kitchen Cabinets 27 Jul, 2020

Why Painting The Kitchen Cabinets Is An Important Part Of Interior Design?

The kitchen is an equally important space in the home similar to the living area, where you spend much of your time. So decorating it tastefully and creatively is something you need to achieve with expert advice from interior design services in Kochi. Kitchen renovation could be a herculean task as there are various elements required to be looked into including the paint of the kitchen cabinets too. draw your inspiration from the interiors decked up by experts. 

Kitchen cabinet paints needn’t cost you a fortune as it is the best way to give the kitchen a facelift. Before you do the painting if necessary give the cabinets a renovation that adds to the painting and decoration of the kitchen. With a fresh coat of paint, you can easily freshen up the interiors and cabinets. 

Being the focal point, kitchens take up a lot of visual space that needs so much attention. An outdated and unattractive, shabby looking kitchen makes a coarse and unwelcoming feel. 

Dual Tone

To create a striking and unforgettable contrast, go for a dual-tone look for the painting of the kitchen cabinet by simply painting the lower and upper cabinets in different yet complementary colors. You can choose from the scores of color combinations for every kitchen cabinet pattern.

As top interior designers in Kochi suggest you can opt for white on top, and green on the bottom or neutral on top and bold colors at the bottom. Another option is to choose contrasting colors throughout. To keep the look easy on the eye, renovation experts suggest sticking to just two tones. In this way, it doesn’t tire of your juxtaposed kitchen cabinets any time soon.

Bold Colors

If you are still searching for painted kitchen cabinet ideas, think about how to energize the kitchen choosing bright paint colors for the kitchen cabinets. These colors include golden citrus hues, or on the other hand the end of the spectrum darker shades like inky blue, matte black, and cobalt. 

Observe how well the color selection flows with the walls of the kitchen before going for a revamp. Pairing the vibrant cabinets with neutral and lighter colors prevents the kitchen walls from becoming too dark which is why the top interior designers in Kochi often go for it.

Subtle Pastels

Creating the perfect way to blend in more feminine feel and color choice, also without making the kitchen look too saccharine, this is trending color range. Subtle pastels choices that are modern include shades of green, lavender, and blue as a good example.

Finish the open shelving you use as an alternative to upper cabinets with subtle pastels which comes as a great way of highlighting the aesthetic beauty of kitchen decor.

About this color, the direction is that you can repaint the wall behind the shelves as an accent and not cabinets that make a great way of highlighting and displaying the favorite tableware and decorative finds. As a part of your painted kitchen cabinet ideas, soothing pastels are not a bad route to be considered. 

Dark Colors

Kitchen cabinets come alive with stunning aesthetic beauty with dark colors like navy blue, cranberry red, and emerald green . There’s nothing wrong with going for a bolder, unexpected route, even though its recommended to avoid using such colors for a kitchen with larger space to work with as they tend to darken small spaces. 

Before trying them in a small kitchen, the leading construction company in Kochi gets the look right with balancing those darker kitchen cabinet colors out with white walls at the top. The sky is the limit when it comes to painted kitchen cabinet ideas, as most people love the idea of two-toned cabinet shades.

If you are naturally drawn to neutrals and colorful shades, opt for the same. The best trick that works for all combinations is to paint the top with the lighter color and the bottom with the darker color. Try a white with gray at the top and burgundy or navy blue at the bottom.  

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Before going for it, estimate the potential painted kitchen cabinet cost and ensure everything is within your budget whether you are painting the kitchen cabinets yourself or hiring a pro to do it for you. Don’t go thinking that you might end up paying nothing if you go for a DIY route. 

Being a labor-intensive job with the time involved, you may need to buy the materials that are readily available while hiring an interior design firm Kochi. It depends on a few considerations on how much painted kitchen cabinets cost you. 

Your Kitchen Layout

Based on the kitchen layout and the overall size of the space you have to work with determines the painted kitchen cabinet ideas. The more expensive it will be to paint the cabinets, or any form of renovation when the larger the kitchen is. In case you go for a DIY route, that’ll need more costly materials. Hiring someone to paint the kitchen cabinets means higher labor costs, as the cost of the paint itself is highly variable. 

Your Materials

The cost of painted kitchen cabinets also depends on the number of materials you will need. The tools include rollers, brushes, and others along with the paint. It also depends on the paint of your choice. Being tempted to go for the cheapest brands, you are sure to get what you pay for. That little extra payment for a gallon of paint saves you from repainting the kitchen cabinets sooner than expected. 

The Final Words

When selecting the colors to renovate your kitchen, the best option is to get it done with professional advice from the interior decoration Kochi along with your tastes and creativity. A little bit of expert help along with your ideas will do it a lot of good. Color away and enjoy the ambiance. 

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