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Refreshing Living Room Renovation Hacks- Part 2

Renovation Hacks 27 Jul, 2020

Why Go For Living Room Revamp?

Inspiring designs for the living room is what makes renovation a part of daily routine. A little bit of refreshing hacks by the best interior designer in Kochi is all that you need to create an inviting and engaging interior space. The design ideas vary from adding furniture to painting the walls and decorating the ceiling. All these come without costing you an arm and a leg. 

Retro Style Wallpaper

Making a comeback at the latest interior design shows is the retro-inspired home styling and when the top interior designers in Kochi are employed, it only makes sense as the industry’s love for the mid-century modern decor never seems to wane away. Game-changing, cost-effective living room ideas along with graphic vintage-inspired on-trend wallpaper make a huge difference in the design ideas. 

For your love of vintage styling cues, it is better to go for retro-style wallpaper that is striking to liven up the living room. Creating a feature wall or being bold covering the entire room as well as balancing out a heavier retro-inspired wallpaper print bringing in more minimal furnishings and upholstery keeps the living room renovation look modern for years to come. 

Smartly Conceal Your TV

When you have a beautifully realized living room, nothing worse can be seen than a television used as a starting point. Surely for the interior design services in Kochi, it is practical considering entertainment purposes when planning a renovation for a living room that is practically going so far when it comes to everyday elegance. 

A little ingenuity and smarts can conceal the tv inside the stylish armoire that can be closed when not in use. With ample budget, you can have clever built-in storage adding value to the home reducing the impact of a tv, and if hiding the tv isn’t practical then there are plenty ultra-slim attractive TVs to consider in the market. 

Fireplace Displays

In case you are thinking about updating the fireplace during the living room renovation, with the help of the interior decoration Kochi selects those from ribbons to ones that are designed to almost look completely concealed that are plenty of high styles, high function modern fireplace styles to consider. They are sure to increase the resale value though they can be an investment of your home instantly. 

If you have a fireplace that you don’t use or never will make the most of the alcove space using it as a decorative display area. You can try painting the inside of the fireplace in contrasting color making a feature out of it stacking colorful art books also placing a range of extra large candles in it or turn it into the perfect place to highlight collectibles. The fireplace whether in use or not gives real design opportunity taking advantage of the living room renovation. Added to it, using an unused fireplace is an affordable alternative keeping you well within the living room renovation budget. 

Pendant Lighting

Instantly adding an air of elegance without costing a small fortune is a pendant lighting in a living room, which when installed to hang low, can make the living room feel cozier and more intimate becoming a defining feature and striking focal point. 

When you are expecting to create a memorable impact, the leading construction company in Kochi easily selects some statement-making lantern inspired pendant lights as also lighting alternatives fitting in better with the living room style if you are looking to add more intimacy and warmth. To make it feel complete, any living room renovation comes well-judged with the addition of pendant lighting especially when they are framing the coffee table in multiples. 


A sure-fire way to add unexpected elegance in any renovation for a living room is a statement-making chandelier as with modern chandelier iterations, don’t always have to be filigree and crustal. To help you create a more glamorous living room design you can install one using a chandelier as a way to catch more light during the day in case you are working in a more darker living room. 

Even though it can be an expensive addition to living room renovation, with the help of the interior designing in Kochi, it also pays off when you are looking to resell your home. When you go for design ideas don’t limit yourself as chandeliers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles ranging from traditional to the more modern and even better is when working on a large living room renovation adding more than one to make the room pop. 

Embrace Darker Colors

When it comes to renovations for living rooms, as also for good reason, dark, moodier colors continue to be the trend and painting it in a deeper tone makes the room feel much more than just comfortable and intimate also creating a relaxing space for you that help entertain in and use to your advantage. 

A rich and indulgent dark color even if it is a khaki is an easier time tying all the furnishings in the living room together making it all look more expensive. When you are dealing with a small space that doesn’t get much light, tune the living room renovation ideas towards reimagining the flooring in a deep hue similar to a high gloss black to catch the light. To help a living room feel less disjointed, a dark color also helps with challenging nooks and crannies or doors breaking up walls or worse the room itself. Together with it, a fresh coat of paint makes for a handy alternative maxing out the living room renovation budget. 

Accentuate Existing Architectural Features

Even if it seems like an obvious route, home renovation in Kochi makes the most of the architectural features that you already have in the living room making it feel all the more unique helping to guide the decorative process. Never have those sometimes odd features to go waste or left untouched making the room defining features out of fireplaces, beams, exposed bricks, alcoves, and recesses. 

Allow those quirky elements to help make a statement in the living room renovation playing the advantages you already have in the space and additionally working with what you already have allowing you to reduce living room renovation costs. Here you are sure to find creative solutions that wouldn’t ordinarily work somewhere else. 

Invest In Interesting Art

Making a bold way of brightening up the living room making the space memorable with personality, art helps create a personal effect using the walls to reflect the personality and experiences. 

Art that holds significance to you is less likely to get bored of them when you feel a connection to them, installing evocative paintings, prints, and drawings. A gallery wall with plenty of art to display or take over a wall with one large oversized piece makes a stunning statement. A dramatic room renovation isn’t always just a fresh coat of paint or new furnishings.

For The Bottom Line

Even if it not as expensive as it seems to be, living room design ideas from an interior design firm in Kochi are easy and simple overcoming the challenges in the path. It is more than necessary to make the desired effect with the right furnishings, paints, and decorative pieces. This helps create a space that is cozier and more comfortable for you and your guests. 

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