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Room-Defining Spring + Summer Decor Trends- Part 2

Current Trends 27 Jul, 2020

How Is The Spring Summer Decor Managed?

Interior design trends are being thought about ahead of what the designers and clients opt for when it comes to fresh, colorful interiors like those of kitchens, the most well-searched textile, and every home that considers no matter what the taste and lifestyle are when decorated by interior design services in Kochi. Seriously updating on-trend home options, they never go out of style bidding adieu to the colder, darker winter season. It doesn’t cost a small fortune while that requires outside help too. 

Fringe Trim

Fringe trim and wall decor as another playful take on interior design spring trends, add the needed texture and visual play remaining timeless and elegant as trends come and go. 

One of the hottest interior design trends from the best interior designers in Kochi for spring-summer is about adding fringe, as also trim underneath seating, edging pillows, and just about anything you name it for a sense of old-world sophistication brought into the now. 


The interior design world just can’t seem to get enough astrology symbolism as of late from decorating according to your zodiac sign to stellar inlaid constellations. 

Line drawings for a more minimal take that is joyful to look at long after any trend has passed, help when looking to bring in interior design trends for summer. 

Navy Blue Kitchens

As they help conceal everyday wear and tear, are classic, and make for a great alternative to standard wood tones or all-white, navy blue kitchens are one of the most requested take-ups on kitchen cabinetry with a whopping 93% increase in Google searches for top interior designers in Kochi. 

When channeling the interiors with an all-blue kitchen brings too much risk, a contrasting kitchen island or lower cabinets make for a refreshingly cool update. 

Colored Cabinetry

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, you can’t go wrong with natural wood finishes. To make it unique, interior decoration Kochi can also quickly update the kitchen with freshly painted cabinetry in riotous surprising tones. Kitchen cabinetry redone in energizing hues is one of the hottest design trends for spring-summer. 

Think bold colors in matte finishes keeping the look easy on the eye for kitchen interior design spring trends. It is important to be sure that your source paint created specifically for cabinetry. 

Pewter Hardware

Fresh hardware is one of the least expensive updates added in any room. You can easily transform a room on your own in minutes with little cost involved from the dresser drawer pulls to cabinet knobs. 

The design trends by the best construction companies in Kochi call for a return to a less seen pewter color, when opting for the expected brass or silver set of hardware. pewter pairs well with just about anything boasting a modern matte finish that is much more subtle than gold or silver. 

Softer Whites

If you’re considering selling your home down the line, home renovation in Kochi comes to a timeless feel that nothing beats light-reflecting white walls. It also comes off as cold and even worse, Spartan. 

Think about alternatives close to the real deal to avoid that but have much more gentle and less abrasive. Dove gray for a warmer less clinical feel that has a non- color appeal to it. It helps bring in the best interior design spring trends from an interior design firm in Kochi having nothing to go completely experimental. 

Earthy Green

As coral had a major moment last fall, the designers are seeing green when it comes to interior design trends, not exactly a jewel-toned take. 
With a call for an earthier take on the hue, design trends are just as charming and much more subtle and compatible with just about any design style from maximal to traditional. 


With a slightly more sophisticated touch, Hygge marries the genre’s clean and serene, laid back take on California cool, with an updated take on Scandinavian decor. Consider updating the already got Scandi style mastering and considering updating it with the element so the interior designer and decorator in Kochi helps you with Hygge interior design spring trends. 

Hygge is certain to add a more spirited sense of elegance throughout your home which is one of the hottest interior design trends for spring-summer. 

Refreshed Florals

Floral prints are no brainer when it comes to interior design summer trends. Grand plays on scale look fresh and contemporary is what’s new this season. 

Skip out on dainty blooms and instead opt for oversized plays on scale keeping the top interior design trends for the summer which is key to this décor. As it comes via just about anything, the covered accent walls to bed linen and even rugs, add bold blooms in just about any iteration suiting your home and tastes. 

How Do You Conclude On The Design Trends?

To make the interiors contemporary, it is necessary to update the interior design trends. It helps the clients get a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere winning on the ambiance of the room. It can help the people entertain guests and friends to a more vibrant interior as designed by the leading interior design consultant in Kochi. The interior decor is what helps set the mood of the day and it always has the help of designers to decide on what best suits your tastes and the ideas you want to be implemented in the rooms.  

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