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Small Kitchen Ideas To Inspire Your Home- Part 2

Kitchen Decor 24 Jul, 2020

An Introduction To Small Kitchen Ideas

It is challenging to design small kitchen spaces. With the best ideas from interior design services in Kochi, you can make a space that attracts people to your home. A small kitchen design comes with a good floor plan and using materials unique and costing lesser than a fortune. Get to know those additional features continued from the previous blog about small kitchen design ideas.

Sleek Knobless Cabinetry

As well as making it easier for you to pull them open, knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets do a great job of breaking up fluidity. In case you want your kitchen to appear as spacious as possible, interior designing in Kochi can fool your eye into making it look bigger taking a cue from the contemporary gallery with ultra-smooth surfaces. 

Choosing kitchen cabinets that can be easily opened with a press, with discreet grooves used as handles may trick guests into forgetting they are in your home. When it is decorating a small kitchen it pays to be explorative for inspiration as well. 

Black And White Checked Floor Tiles

With working on a challenging small kitchen it comes more unique and layered flooring and ceiling alternatives where you can be more playful. As visually striking as it happens to be, black and white checked floor tiles bring in some tried and true retro-inspired harm into your kitchen  

To add style in your kitchen use black and white checkered flooring creating more visual space distracting the eye thanks to the use of two classic colors combined. This kind of checkered flooring makes it appear larger helping to keep it looking cleaner than an all-white floor.

Ceiling Color

Apart from flooring and wallpaper, the ceiling paint color other than white makes a great take on the unique small kitchen ideas from the best interior designers in Kochi costing a fortune. Painting the ceiling in a different color can make the ceiling feel higher that comes as a great way of tackling proportions of a small room. With a painted ceiling comes to a room feeling cozy and extra wide at the same time. Space looks more extensive and the one of a kind to boot.

Bright Cabinetry

Add elegance to your small kitchen space with unexpected brightly colored cabinetry and try being playful tricking them into being drawn to other aspects of the area. 

With cabinets that are bold yet timeless color, a black splash in a more subtle hue helps gain attraction. The green lower cabinets along with white upper ones make the room appear larger and more well designed. 

Bold Flooring

The flooring option that is little out of ordinary comes as great for small kitchen ideas and designs. Petite spaces afford more design risks without coming off as heavy-handed. For the much-awaited home renovation in Kochi team a bright floor with white or light cabinets getting the much-needed color into your space closing it off. A striking tonal pattern like a herringbone wood or painted stripes gives a symmetrical feel. 

Patterned Rugs

An interesting and fun way to add vibrancy to small kitchen ideas and designs is obtained by having a rug in your kitchen space. To add life to your all-white kitchen you may want a patterned rug and if the expenditure is a concern, it is well suited for the great small kitchen ideas on a budget. Being easy to clean, a kitchen rug in darker tones won't highlight daily wear and tear and surface stains. 

Minimalist Color Pops

Considering the stylish and timeless small kitchen ideas, the minimalist route is almost 100% foolproof. The best construction company in Kerala helps organize a small kitchen with ideas that work may seem to be thin but making sure everything is off the surface has a place that is a sure-fire way of opening up space.

With all-white cabinetry and surfaces that accessorize, here and there with bold bright hints of saturated solid color helps showcase a more spacious kitchen.  

A Chic Bistro Table

When dining tables are set to take up a lot of space, and you don’t necessarily have a lot of space, give away the idea of fitting your space with a cumbersome table seating six. Use a charming bistro table instead and place it in a corner. 

It helps manage the space better as well as serve the purpose of two people dining. As it comes as great for small kitchen ideas, on a budget, leading construction company in Kochi suggests a bistro table with two chairs won’t set you back too much. In case you happen to move the small scale of the bistro table makes it a perfect accent table in any room. 

Wall Shelving

In considering the best small kitchen ideas, don’t let any wall space go waste in case you have an expanse of a wall without cabinets, invest in some open shelving. This creates extra storage space but when arranged everything stylishly the shelving makes a decorative kitchen shelf for your everyday items. 

A Hanging Rack

Coordinate the style statement with hanging pots and pans from hooks on a rail or a rack suspended from the ceiling. These ideas from an interior design firm in Kochi help you save space are of course essential when you are organizing a small kitchen. The hanging rack helps you save space as well as creating a stunning display out of the best yet bulkiest cookware allowing more storage space in your cabinets.  

Counter-Side Dining Space

Creating a place to eat is not the lone idea behind having a space for a dining table. Add a slim overhang on your countertop in case you have no space. Pull the bar stools up to the counter when you are ready to eat, and when you are done, stack them back out of sight. No space wastage here anyway. It adds to a working space with extra counter space making for a cozy conversation area.

Concluding Thoughts

With kitchen designs on a budget, the house has a lively space to spend moments with the family. When managing small kitchen spaces, interior decorators Kochi comes up with these very handy instruction set. Defining the spaces helps bring together elements of charming design. 

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