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The 10 Best Interior Paint Colors For 2019

10 Dec, 2019

It appears to be a riddle to solve, which colors suit your interiors well. Choosing the best paints and using them to your advantage is an expert’s professionalism. As interior designers quip, color is the backbone of the design. It can truly transform any space into a magical wonder world. No wall in your home should be left as a blank canvas as we move to the winter season, playing with warm colors is what we have in our bucket list.

Deciding on the best colors that work well for the rooms throughout the house adding color to accent walls creating conversation-starting visual interest in many of the rooms, we introduce 10 of the best paint color tried and tested in 2019.

Introducing a fresh coat of paint to reenergize a room, is all that matters. Take a quick look into these popular shades adding to the ambiance of the room.

Add Hazelnut Paint Colors To Your Interiors

These colors are warm and inviting creamy shades that never go out of style or clash with the existing furnishings making it a comforting go-to hue. Take a quick survey from room to room considering the spaces needed to brighten up and catch more light. Various shades bounce light off making a room appear larger than it is in reality.

Experiment With Lilac Gray

With the most classic paint colors, dove gray is a modern alternative to stark neutral paint color ideas. They make the room a tad moodier with a lilac undertone.

Lilac adds to the gray hues a warmer more gender-neutral and cheery tone. Interior designers often work out around varying shades of gray that boast of making refreshing alternatives subtle enough to not get tired of it easily.

Add To The Tones Of Dark Greens

Though overlooked as not so viable in the interior design spotlight in the ’90s, this hue is a new take on rich hunter green officially called ‘night watch’ topping the list of top paint colors in 2019.

This deep green color adds to the feeling of lush botanicals and the healing power of nature to your home, setting a strong foundational hue. Interior designers believe that these hunter and bottle green colors should be reserved for well-lit large rooms, as its intensity could overpower small spaces making them look darker.

When bringing the latest paint to your home, decide on the lifestyle, taste and design direction while no color trend is worth sacrificing the personal aesthetics 

Muted Pastels And Your Interiors.

Suited for gender-neutral rooms and common areas like kitchens and bathrooms, as they do double duty concealing everyday scuff marks and nicks, pastels come in muted chalky tones having a soothing appeal bringing an understated vibe.

Adding to the warm backdrop of minimalist design, muted pastels feature the kitchen with a combination of latest paint colors and a dramatic marble backsplash other than a memorable standard black and white kitchen. For that unexpected look without having to commit to a bold color trend, the latest paint colors are touted as the ‘it’ hue along with tiring of it in the long run, thereby running the risk of similar paint colors as your friends and neighbors. 

Go Soft With Soft Clay

If you are looking for an earthy spirit, soft clay paint colors prove to be great alternatives to the beiges and browns lending a sunny zest and casual elegance especially or those with wanderlust. Add to the interiors a splash of terracotta, caramel, clove and burnt orange imparting more personality other than any neutral shades.

Boasting of unusual takes on clay tones, makes the room a feature in your home with an accent wall or a backsplash and add hue to elevate a room with your mood in ease.

Make A Statement With The New Blue Paint Colors

The shades of blue including charcoal blue, ice blue, gray-blue and very pale powder blue are the options for the traditionalist taking a casual approach to the interior design making the colors far from every day yet subtle enough to not take over a room.

Though there are an endless amount of alternatives for the blues, there is no limit to the number of routes you can go with these tones. Any blue interior remains soothing, sparing to avoid a heavy-handed hue making a room feel smaller, darker and stuck in an 80s time warp. Hues have a strong initial impact, so tone it down with a muted subtle color palette getting the longest run from your selection.

Must-Try Mustard

They are well suited when you are looking for an alternative to gold, creating rich floral accents making up for smart paint colors for accent walls and even trim.

If you want to create provocative depth, highlight the décor with muted moody mustard home interiors brilliantly as the best paint color is often applied in small doses.

Go The Misty Way.

Far from the ester egg hue, the mist home interiors come from a blend of muted pastel blue and green with gray and lilac undertone to create a non-color of sorts. 

It is a much more interesting starting point than the standard beiges and whites along with muted pastels and a misty hue covering up the blemishes with this color trend as a blank canvas for the décor of all colors and style.

Bloom With Mushroom

It gives a fresh look thanks to the newfound appreciation for natural yet moody update to the 70’s mousy brown and rust paint colors. Being gender neutral with a timeless appeal and unique enough for guests who take note of their own homes, mushroom shades are an all-time favorite. It looks great with natural furnishings and finishes in any room.

Elegance With Pewter

Here comes the ruler of perfect gray-beige alternative for walls, providing an almost blank canvas that’s anything but bland. This color trend calls for not to be underestimated even though it should have been a standard before being shortlisted as one of the best paint colors for 2019. Experts add to the professionalism of this color taking it across the home rather than just one room as the shade works well with everything, everywhere.


While the colors of the interiors set the mood of the room and everyone using it, only professionals can help you get the right tone. We always come with the expertise that decides which shade gets to decorate which room. This is why interior design ideas require experience as well as taste.

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