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The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas- Part 1

Living Room Ideas 25 Jul, 2020

Why Is Decorating The Living Room Important?

Living room, dining room, and kitchen are often most seen rooms in your home by guests, they must create a positive first impression. When designed by the best interior design services in Kochi, consider the living room to be the center of attraction and focus of any guest who comes through needing it to be as attractive as possible. Apart from that, it needs to be functional and comfortable since everyone spends a lot of time on it. 
Following is a take on the best contemporary living room ideas to refresh with ease no matter the amount of living room space to work with.

Skip A Sofa

As contemporary living room ideas call for thinking out of the box, reconsider a completely fresh take in the living room making it all the more unique. It is more simple according to best interior designers in Kochi to have a traditional setup instead of involving expected chairs and sofas around a coffee table while thinking of how the living room can be made to feel one-of-a-kind. 

Does that mean skipping out on a sofa altogether? As sofas can be bulky this is a clever idea for a small living room taking up tons of visual floor space. Try group seating together to keep it conversational evoking elegant clubhouse feel. Opt for a backless bench instead of a couch or an elegant chaise lounge keeping the overall look relaxed in spirit. 

Stage Everything Around Flooring

Most of the designers suggest you start with flooring when you begin decorating any room in the home. While thinking of it as a decorative starting point, use a large scale rug to tie a room together guiding you through channeling modern contemporary living room ideas by interior decoration Kochi. An extra-large rug would come off as cold and incomplete while if it was too small, the scale would look and feel all wrong. In case you have a carpet or flooring you don’t want to be covered, simply clean or refinish to make it look anew. 

Curved Furnishings

Over the past few years, curved furnishings have made quite a comeback when it comes to updating contemporary living room ideas even though they haven’t been in vogue since late -60s, remaining timeless in the appeal for years to come. It lends the living room a more laid back yet pulled together spirit much easier on the eye than rigid silhouettes. 

Keep It Symmetrical

Keep the furniture placement symmetrical considering the best contemporary living room ideas easier making the entire space feel tidier every day. While helping the living room feel a bit more formal and well-judged, simple symmetry allows the eye to keep moving throughout a space without any distractions. The interior design firm Kochi believes that the living room could come off as too rigid in case it is too symmetrical as angle pieces here and there create a natural flow far from uptight. 

Experiment With Throw Pillows

When you are bored with the look of your modern interiors, throw pillows and blankets are the easiest and most comforting way giving the living room a seasonal refresh. Consider restyling the living room with affordable decorative throw pillows. 

When it comes to contemporary living room ideas, printed and patterned throw pillars are a great source to draw and inspire the eye. To bring out the subtle design features in the living room add two or three throw pillows on top of a sofa which can be switched out with ease seasonally. 

Make The Most Of Your Floor Space

If you want your living room to appear larger than it is, neutral staples and white walls help make the most of the living space. With classic pieces like a sofa and coffee table use one item to bring out and create a splash of colorful energy ranging from a piece of accent furniture, art or flowers. This is sure to make for a striking and unique direction while considering contemporary living room design ideas on a budget. 

Redefine Neutral

Maximize the redefining neutral options in your living room space to bring out the uniqueness and versatility of the décor. A simple mix of frames, classic carpet, a light wood-paneled wall, and a dark-colored sofa is all that you need. In case you love neutral tones, but find yourself more and more attracted to brighter hues, consider neutral tones such as navy, forest green or dusty rose sofa as an alternative to a neutral sofa. They give you a fine blend of colors to work with and not too much to be considered overtly colorful. 

Go For Bold Wallpapers

As long as you go for a timeless print, consider living wallpaper a classic trend that never goes out of style. To add to every décor style and art as you please for ultimate in layered juxtapositions choose a classic Chinoiserie inspired wallpaper. Those statement-making print can be room defining while remaining trendy and so don’t be afraid to go for them . an accent wall for the needed depth and paint rest of the room in different color bringing out the aesthetic beauty of living space and the walls are sure to thank you if they could talk. 

Concluding Thoughts On Contemporary Living Room Design 

Find a handful of decorative notes that you love best and stick with them throughout your living room remodeling in case you find yourself getting carried away with too many different options. Contemporary room ideas from leading construction company in Kochi mean opting for a single element or feature working with only one color defining the space keeping it looking concise and well-judged. 

If you are decorating the living room from scratch or just a simple remodel project, these timeless contemporary living room ideas come to your advantage helping you stay inspired so that you enjoy them for years to come. 

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