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The Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas From The Experts

Why Go For Countertop Redesign?

Hunting for kitchen countertop ideas? Here are some that are worth your time and investment from interior designers in Kochi sure to last a lifetime while you don’t know where to start. Even if it can be a hard decision, even harder is when you aren’t familiar with the kitchen countertop design ideas practical and stylish. 

If you’re a novice with limited funds to work with it can be more challenging to take advantage of the best kitchen countertop ideas on a budget. What are the best materials and the latest trends to take note of? Here is a write up to identify these needs for the kitchen countertops. 

Waterfall Countertops

While choosing a modern take on traditional kitchen countertop styling, consider going for a waterfall effect instead of interrupting the beauty of a material like marble, which is sure to lend the kitchen a striking sense of drama. There is no denying the alluring appeal of a continuous waterfall feel which is much more than an investment. 

Butcher’s Block Countertops

When hunting for a sturdy kitchen countertop, that can effectively combat everyday wear and tear the butcher’s block is just the best solution for the home according to the top interior designers in Kochi. It need not be reserved as only a rustic take on interior design in the kitchen as the handsome material looks just as good as when paired with any other style. 

Contrasting Marble Kitchen Countertop

A concrete kitchen countertop comes durable lending space subtle sense of sophistication perfect for a modern and minimal home. The fact that they don’t do well with water is the only drawback. Concrete is an inexpensive material to work with can last for years on end when maintained properly. 

All In One Combined Sink

When it comes to a beautiful modern kitchen countertop idea it calls for a customized combined entire unit that is crafted from just one piece of marble or stone. Opt for a neutral-colored material looking and feeling classic for years to come to get the look right. When consulting the top interior designers in Kochi they should also be a worthy investment as anything custom done well will possibly boost the potential resale value of the home. 

If ever the sink happens to crack or get discolored as time goes on, the only drawback is that the entire unit will have to be replaced. Try and work with an ultra-durable material known to withstand everyday wear and tear as the only solution. A beautifully brushed stainless steel kitchen countertop is the right direction to consider If you look to create an industrial feel without coming off as heavy-handed. 

Making it a little more delicate than other kitchen countertops, a steel kitchen is sure to withstand everyday wear and tear and spills while it can easily dent and scratch. It is readily the sleekest, thinnest and most dynamic of the kitchen countertop ideas thoroughly modern to boot. 


It has been increasingly one of the most searched for and on-trend materials though not commonly used or popular since the late 80s. Boasting a mix of chips, of marble, quartz, granite, and glass, the perfect material for kitchen countertop color ideas usually has several complimentary colors defining it. They add depth in the space keeping the eye moving without distraction.

Plays On Thickness

You can go as thick or thin as you’d like with no relevance for standard kitchen countertop dimensions with the exception being that thicker the countertop, the more expensive it could become. As they come much less about keeping the tradition allows you to be experimental in their approach. Thin countertops without overhang look modern in the appeal for years to come.

Marked Stone

Lending the home and organic sense of play, that’s visually stimulating, definitely making the kitchen appear larger and grander, the naturally veined and marked stone and marble kitchen countertop ideas score above others. To add a sense of drama in the kitchen, the interior design services in Kochi use the grain and natural marks on the stone and marble. 

Mixed Materials

With the best kitchen countertop ideas, in a small kitchen, a feeling of continuity is best as it comes to the countertops, larger kitchens allow you to be more experimental. Consider that countertop boasting use of several materials like marble and wood paired together if you have a large kitchen to work with. While lending your kitchen a layered effect, this, in turn, helps the eye to keep moving. 
Consider a rich wood finish while appointing the surrounding area with stone, marble or tile, to make it work. Go for opposite colors like the optic white paired with a block of dark wood or black marble. 

Interesting Tile

These finds of classic kitchen countertop ideas are a sound investment looking great for years to come but what makes space look more unique and memorable? Think out of the box rather than going for the expected. 
Interestingly shaped tiles use kitchen countertop color ideas to go for unique shades like azure blue and others. It will help you create a warm and inviting feel allowing you to be more playful with the direction you take. 

No Overhang Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Thanks to the absence of overhangs, essentially getting in the way all too often, as the modern countertop ideas get a minimal look. There were pesky spills prevented from dripping down onto the floor and cabinets, these overhangs make a small kitchen look and feel even smaller. 

Forgoing an overhang of any kind, the kitchen is sure to look modern and updated which could even help save money on materials like costly marble and the like. This is one great thing in rethinking the setup of your kitchen countertop. 

Concluding Thoughts

While going for the house remodeling in Kochi, Kerala, the kitchen in your home makes it look fresh and luxurious. Kitchen countertops are the best way to add luxury to the kitchen space. Essentially this is one way to get to know the interior décor as it helps add to the mood of the room. Little tips and a few decors here and there can make the kitchen look spacious and new. 

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