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The Wall Textures And What Defines Them- Part 1

Wall Textures 27 Jul, 2020

What Are Wall Textures All About?

When creating and updating a space, there’s more to walls than you think as also more than one kind of wall treatment to consider. But the question interior designers in Kochi ask is how do you go about considering the best wall texture ideas for your space? The wall texture is not just a coat of paint covering a wall with the intent of creating a beautiful well-judged design. The texture of your walls can also define a space as well, although the wall paint color is significant when considering design choices for spaces. This is where the ability to create a texture-rich wall speaks volumes about the décor style and taste for the unique.

Be it the bathroom, living room, or kitchen, just adding texture to the walls in the home gives each space much more depth which can be easy to achieve with nature-rich elements such as marble and hardwood. In case you are remodeling the home and need some unique wall texture ideas what is that you can come with? As there are lots of viable styles and options for you to consider, interior design companies in Kochi ask which would you choose? There are some which require a large budget while others implemented with little resources with ease. 

Here we discuss the top wall texture ideas you should consider if you want to create a transformational update.

Splatter Knockdown

Requiring more effort and resources than any other wall texture idea is this type of wall texture. This is because it involves several steps during the installation process getting the look and feel just right. Before spraying the texture material over it, coat the wall with two coats of primer. The best interior designers in Kochi use a knife to fine-tune the rough edges into shape as soon as the texture material is set and the surface has smoothened. 

It is not ideal for DIY renovations and projects as this process can be very messy and challenging. It is however perfect for new construction projects. 

Comb Texture

Interior design experts and homeowners alike value this wall texture idea for highly styled wall surfaces. Using a simple tool to draw fine lines of varying length along a wall, the combed textural look is created. They are repeated on various walls and angles with a high chance of producing rainbow-like lines. 

Popcorn Texture

Specifically meant for ceilings this wall texture is mostly used to cover uneven angles on ceiling panels which are not easy to work with. Giving a thought about it, this style helps reduce noise due to the full application process it needs and the thickness. It also helps bring back timeless retro wall texture ideas for the living room. 

Using a texture sprayer with a compressor alongside, a popcorn ceiling texture mix can be easily applied and the only drawback is that it’s difficult to remove once applied and it can catch dust and cobwebs.

Slap Brush Texture

This is created for walls using a stomp brush or panda paw to mark a wall. When you want to hide some imperfections or defects on a wall, this type of wall texture works best. While trying to bring out the distinctive features of a wall, interior design services in Kochi have one of those popular ideas for the bathroom helping you conceal different kinds of wall imperfections.

By smoothly layering a drywall compound layer over the wall surface, this is the best technique for achieving it. Subsequently use a brush to stamp or tweak it several times until the desired result is achieved. Depending on the type of brush used and the way it is handled, the result varies.

Santa Fe Texture

Worthy of mention, this wall texture is one of the most applied wall texture that can easily create the look using a wide drywall knife. This idea is characterized by two layers of drywall with one layer having a slightly smoother texture than the other.

Perfect for mudrooms, balconies and small areas but not for the living room, it looks visually distracting even when it is tonal.

Concluding Thoughts

While textured walls are not the same, with plain paints that come in terms of colors and consistency, interior decoration Kochi helps give a denser feel and pigment making it possible for them to transform the look of your home creating an amazing effect. These wall texture ideas for drywall are the perfect choice for home renovation and also the new home construction projects alike. With these ideas, feel free to experiment as often as desired. 

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