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The Wall Textures And What Defines Them- Part 2

Wall Textures 27 Jul, 2020

Adding To The Beauty Of Your Interiors

Decorating the walls is more than what you think it would be together with considering more than one kind of wall treatment to consider. The difficulty lies in deciding which kind of wall texture ideas suit your walls and which defines your identity. As top interior designers in Kochi claim, wall texture is much more than just a coat of paint as it creates beautiful designer walls with significant wall designs choosing the best for the spaces. As a result wall textures help you create texture-rich walls that speak a lot about the décor style with a unique taste. 

Wall textures give the home and space much more depth easily achievable with nature-rich elements like marble and hardwood. So be it a bathroom, living room or kitchen, you need unique wall texture ideas you can use. The interior design services in Kochi helps you choose from the myriad options you have when it comes to interior decor.  

Below we have discussed a few tips that help your walls get texture without burning your pockets. 

Orange Peel Wall Texture

As the name suggests, this texture looks like a real orange peel except that it comes with a bumpier surface. Similar to the earlier discussed splatter knockdown wall texture, but this one requires a more consistent application than the former. Immediately after spraying, avoid strengthening the wall texture to do the texture effectively. 

Leave it to dry while also applying one or two coats of primer and then go for creating the desired look. 

Hawk And Trowel

Perfect for wall texture ideas for bedroom, hawk and trowel derived its name from the tools used in creating it. It comes with several layers of texture, as it is rolled against one another. The best interior designers in Kochi helps you watch the dramatic transformation that takes place helping redefine the space by applying this kind of texture to your bedroom drywall. 

Hand-Applied Drywall Texture

Drywall textures come offering a variety of look through a similar application process but mostly applied by hand using specially designed brush and knife for this purpose. It expected to give an uneven look boasting plenty of tonal texture as well as artisanal imperfections appreciated rather than concealed.  

Sand Swirl

Another popular wall texture idea that takes time to perfect but can transform the look of your home in a dramatic way possible is this kind of texture. While it is ideal to be considered as a top wall texture idea for the kitchen, this texture cannot be created alone.

While you create an arched pattern with it, you need a partner to roll a perlite primer mixed with sand. Interior decoration Kochi uses a series of rounded hand motions for the desired effect. It is possible to create slightly free patterns or geometric lines along a wall, using the brush.


Similar to slap brush texture ideas is this kind of texture created by making circles in the wet mud using a brush. By creating a pattern of rosebuds, this process is repeatedly done until you get the desired texture. It is better to practice it on an older piece of drywall needing an update. 

Being a great idea to hide severe wall imperfections, this texture is easy to apply as a DIY project. It can be used to lend a striking visual appeal in the living room drawing attention to the walls. 

Crow’s Feet

Easily created using a clean brush with stiff bristles, crows feet are the most popular wall texture ideas for bathroom and then applying wet mud in the drywall using a brush. The name of the wall texture comes as the mud is pushed up, it forms a texture. 

While the major drawback of crow’s feet wall texture is that dust easily settles in deep groves of the texture, unlike other wall textures. When you apply it on the drywall, home renovation in Kochi helps you transform the look of your living room with this beautiful wall texture. 

Stomp Brush

Achieved as you apply wet mud on drywall, use a brush with long bristles to accomplish this kind of textured look. The stomp brush texture pattern is created as you push upward using a rounded brush. Repeat the pattern with the rounded brush until the desired texture is achieved. As it is not easy to master, all at once, you will understand the basics after some time and master the technique.

Concluding Thoughts 

Textured walls in terms of color, as well as consistency, give a denser feel and pigment as it transforms the look creating an amazing effect. Add more to the drywall with texture ideas that look perfect for home renovation as well as home construction. Interior designing in Kochi lets you experiment with different ideas thereby bringing forth new textures that add to the definition of your space. 

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