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When The Right Lighting Design Transforms A Room- Part 1

Lighting Design 24 Jul, 2020

A Seamless Combination Of Functionality And Style

To enhance the aesthetic appeal and create the mood and ambiance of living space, interior designers in Kochi include lighting as the first and foremost aspect of interior design. These fixtures help illuminate a room creating a safe and comfortable environment together with adding style to the décor. It is the main aspect that gives the room a special look together with a seamless combination of functionality and style. It helps create a visually dynamic space that can either make or break the ambiance of a room. The most important element is proper lighting for decorating your homes. 

Create Beautiful Interior Designs With Different Types Of Lighting:

Lighting that creates beautiful interiors:

1. Ambient Lighting 

This is how the lighting in interior decor, brightening and enhancing the glow of the rooms. Best interior designers make use of lanterns and wall sconces or this type of lighting. Together with dimmer switches, this kind of lighting alters the ambiance of the room achieving the look and feel you desire. 

2. Accent Lighting 

Using this type of lighting can be used to highlight the architectural features of a home like walls or objects in the room. The table lamps, as well as halogen spotlights, create that much-awaited accent effect lighting attained by interior design services in Kochi creating a much-wanted ambiance. It can also be implemented to project or show off a piece of art or a photograph also.

3. Task Lighting 

This type of lighting, when incorporated into the interior design, gives localized lighting in the special task areas. It is usually used in workspaces to aid you in performing the daily tasks. Aesthetic lighting, on the other hand, is similar to a piece of decorative art used to embellish the décor of your rooms except that this is helpful in 3D interior design in Kochi. The lights hanging over the dining tables perfectly complement the interior décor. Whereas recessed lighting is preferred by most of the homeowners providing good illumination without affecting the interior décor of the room. To create beautiful interiors, task lighting can be incorporated with accent lighting. 

Why Is Lighting Important In Interior Design?

Any other type of lighting, proper lighting is important for interior architecture and to experience it to the fullest. As good lighting assures a warm, inviting and functional atmosphere, the home interiors with the help of interior decoration Kochi gives comfort for the inmates. Proper selection of lighting comes as a key factor in interior design, enhancing everything in a room including furniture, flooring, fittings to finishes and textures. Using creative lighting helps embellish the decorating project. Different types of lighting can be used to make your home beautiful beyond words. With the potential to give life to space, light fittings and lamps can be chosen that complements the style and décor of the room. With a perfect balance between style, comfort and practicality, aesthetically beautiful yet functional interiors can be made by selecting the right lighting. 

How To Do Color Management Rightly? 

Adding to or subtracting from the overall colors of a room, lighting can be used to enhance only those surfaces meant to be. When using darker colors, the room feels smaller and cramped, and light-colored walls do the opposite according to the best construction companies in Kochi. The light reflected off the surface of the walls gives an illusion of space. By further illuminating the walls, some types of lighting help with this illusion. Together with it, directional lighting like track light softens the wall colors. With a soft downward glow illuminating the floors, but not the walls, a recessed can lighting helps illuminate your walls. This is in contrast to the lights hung from the center of the room providing ambient illumination or wall lighting. Either way, it can affect how light or dark a colored section can appear. 


To conclude, the right lighting helps decorate your interiors just because lighting design is a prominent feature for interior decoration. Whatever lighting you choose, make sure the lighting complements your walls as well as interior décor as done by commercial builders in Kochi. For best results hire an interior designer specialized in lighting design. A simple wall sconce or a hanging light can change the ambiance of the interiors. 

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